Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Tuesday, I'm Talking About...new anthology Hazard Yet Forward

Today, I’m talking about the exciting new anthology that released today, Hazard Yet Forward. Yes, I get excited about books anyway. And yes, I do have a story in this anthology. But those aren’t the reasons this is a must have addition to your libraries.

If you’re a reader, this multi-genre anthology will not only provide you with hours (even if you happen to read quickly) of entertainment and literary titillation, but the proceeds all go to help out a fellow writer/reader in need. A group of writers from the Seton Hill University writing popular fiction program got together and contributed stories to the anthology so that the proceeds could help one of our own, Donna, who is valiantly fighting breast cancer.

I’ve never met Donna; simply knowing she’s a strong woman and fellow SHU WPF’r was enough for me to want to participate. Those who do know her admit that she would never ask for anything, and that makes helping her all the more worthwhile.

Hazard Yet Forward contains several genres, which is part of the beauty of the SHU WPF program. Where else can you get your mystery/romance/horror/yet unnamed genre fixes all in the same place? And how else can you help a brave woman battle cancer?

Get your copy here: http://amzn.to/TcD7oK.

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